Thursday, February 03, 2005

Papa's Recovery

I understand from talking with MC that Papa has had a good day today. I think better than yesterday. He was able to get out of bed and rest in the chair in his room. Also, MC was able to limit the number of visitors and well wishers today. Please tell folks as you give them updates on Papa, that it would be best for Papa if they did NOT go by the hospital to visit. Instead, spend the time praying for his speedy recovery and to come see him in PG when he has his clothes on!
Many, many thanks to ASu9 for her help in sitting with Papa these last few days!!

Another prayer request: UJohn has had a high fever and felt terrible since last Friday. Please pray for him to get well. He has been in bed now for a whole week. He went to the doctor today and they told him they thought it might be a virus. I believe they did some blood work and will know more tomorrow.

Thank you for another fine update on Papa! We are praying for his speedy recovery. Also, thank you for your prayers for me! I need to earn some $$ so we can pay some bills.
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