Monday, February 07, 2005


Papa was discharged from the hospital today! He sounded great when I spoke to him on the phone this evening. He had just had his first "real" meal; eggs and grits! Nothing beats MC's cooking unless it's AGenia's cooking! Papa, we are all glad your home and feeling better. Keep praying.

I also spoke with UJohn today. He sounded much better. Today, he went to work for a few hours and he hopes to work about half the day tomorrow. No fever yesterday or today! PTL.
Keep praying for him too.

I have not heard an update on ASu9. If anyone has any news, please post it so we will all know how she is doing. Keep praying.

hey, thanks for the update...I got an email from su9 this morning:

I left Greensboro in a heavy shower of snow, and when I arrived home I
was feeling pretty bad with a cold. I spent most of Friday and Saturday
in bed, and stayed home from church Sunday morning. I'm a lot better now

I'm glad to hear that everyone is recovering...

btw, First! "yessss"
I talked with su9 last night, and she'd doing well, and has gotten over her cold...they're leaving today for a GA/FL/TX trip...will post photos when I can!
Hey Y'all, just wanted to let y'all know that Mama and Daddy are on their way to FL today. They were in Augusta with Granddaddy and Esther and then were planning to travle today. Thanks for your prayers..don't stop! PTL that R is on his way home!!!
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