Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Many thanks to all for praying for Papa today. His surgery went well. He was in surgery for about 3 hours. Afterwards the doctor spoke with Mama Chachi and he said he felt good about how things went. He did say the tumor was larger than he had expected and that Papa's insides were more compact than he had thought they would be. All of this made the surgery a little more difficult but not problematic. The doctor felt like he got all of the cancerous tumor and he took some lymph nodes. They will test the lymph nodes for cancer and as long as none is found there would be no need for any radiation or chemo therapy.
Mama Chachi stayed at the hospital tonight with Papa. I think she was relieved to be back by his side. When I left the hospital about 8:30 PM Papa spoke with me and seemed to have a clear mind and awareness of what was going on around him. He was still sleeping mostly and resting. He would wake up for 1-2 minutes and then fall back asleep. He said he was very hungry and very thirsty. The doctors do not want him to have anything on his stomach for some time yet, so pray that his hunger and thirst would not be too bad.
It's after mid-night so I will post again tomorrow.

Thanks for a good update. The LORD is gracious! I'm feeling better too!
yea! i'm glad that he is doing so good!!
thanks for the update...we will continue to pray...for you too JR!
thank you for letting us know! i will keep praying for him!
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