Thursday, February 10, 2005

One for the Record Books

Last night at the Mt. Pleasant Town Hall, The Green Team beat the Red Team 20 to 3. Katie played an outstanding game. She actually scored by herself more points than the entire Red Team!! Katie had 4 points and many rebounds and played with much heart and enthusiasm. She also had the biggest crowd. The Beloved Browns came out to support Katie. Mrs. Dr. Brown, Sara, and Alicia Brown were all in attendance, as were old faithful Carolina and AGenia and UDave. Next week The Green Team will have to play without Katie. Katie, Carolina and AGenia and UDave will be in Florida.

Hey that's great about the green and red team!! I wish I could have been there to cheer Bub on!!! Oh, by the way...I'm the 1st to comment!!! Luv ya!
eliz, you need to start blogging!!
hey, no updates here in the season over??
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