Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday AM Papa Report

I spoke with MC this morning and she reports that Papa had a good nights sleep. She also got some rest on the cot in his room. They were able to see the doctor this morning as well. The doctor said the report from the lab work indicated the cancer was found in only 2 out of 7 lymph nodes. The doctor was not alarmed by this finding. He said it would have been much more troubling had the tumor been smaller and cancer in more of the nodes. Because the tumor was fairly large and cancer only showed up in 2 of the nodes, he felt okay about it. They will discuss continued treatment (i.e. radiation and/or chemo therapy) when Papa has recovered from the surgery. He did not think there was any urgency at all related to this finding.

Please keep praying for Papa's healing. Also, pray for UJohn's healing and ASu9's healing.

I talked with Papa this afternoon (Saturday) and he sounded great. He has walked in the hall and has has all tubes removed. The doctors have now allowed him to start drinking clear liquids. All in all he is much improved. He did correct me in the number of lymph nodes infected - 3 out of seven - instead of 2. He was not too concerned about it and was very thankful it is only in 3!
More later.
thanks for the updates...what is wrong with Su9? I didn't know she was sick too...
Mama Chachi is reporting that ASu9 has had a terrible cold and has not felt well since Thursday. I have not talked with her to confirm though. Hopefully, she is feeling much better by now.
aw, i am sorry Su9 is sick too! everyone needs to get better!!!
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