Tuesday, May 03, 2005

An Update on my recent visit to The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville

Genia and I went for a follow-up visit with my doctor at the Mayo Clinic last week. We both felt good about our time there. Dr. Jaeckle ordered several tests and repeated some tests as well. We spent about one hour with Dr. Jaeckle after all the testing was complete. He seems very confident that we have ruled out virtually all possible maladies – with the exception of MS. It is his opinion, like that of Dr. Patel here in Charleston, that I do indeed have MS. When considering all the other possibilities we all feel really thankful to know that we are not dealing with some type of terminal illness.

We discussed the possible drug treatment for MS and Dr. Jaeckle feels that we should NOT start any thing at this time. It is his recommendation that we wait until I have MS lesions on my brain scan (MRI) and/or my symptoms get worse before starting any MS drug treatment, as there are adverse consequences to long term drug treatment regimes. Genia and I both agree with this strategy. He (Dr. Jaeckle) would like to see me annually and to have a brain MRI annually to monitor my situation. Once the disease “declares itself” (lesions are seen on the MRI of the brain) it would be time to start a drug (interferon) treatment regime.

Dr. Jaeckle said to expect to have periods of feeling really good and then to have a resurgence of symptoms, as this is the nature of the disease. He feels that it is very important for me to try to get some exercise regularly – he suggested walking on the beach for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Also, with MS it is important to not get over heated. When your body temp gets to high it causes MS patients to have much more fatigue and increase in other symptoms as well. He also said the most debilitating symptom for me may be the fatigue caused by MS. (I think I already have experienced some of this!). Generally speaking, as long as I feel good, I can do most anything I want to. I just must be mindful of the fatigue that may come as a result of having an abundance of fun at one time! (For example – I actually played golf on Saturday – but Sunday and Monday I have felt like I got run over by a train.)

Again, Genia and I thank you for your faithful prayers. Now you know everything we know. Dr. Jaeckle did say he would not CONFIRM an MS diagnosis until the lesions are on the brain scan and that may take up to 5 years. MS is generally a disease that is diagnosis primarily by ruling out other diseases. The literature we are receiving from the National MS Society also stated that the average length of time for a diagnosis is over 2 years.

Love to all,
David and Genia

Thursday, February 10, 2005

One for the Record Books

Last night at the Mt. Pleasant Town Hall, The Green Team beat the Red Team 20 to 3. Katie played an outstanding game. She actually scored by herself more points than the entire Red Team!! Katie had 4 points and many rebounds and played with much heart and enthusiasm. She also had the biggest crowd. The Beloved Browns came out to support Katie. Mrs. Dr. Brown, Sara, and Alicia Brown were all in attendance, as were old faithful Carolina and AGenia and UDave. Next week The Green Team will have to play without Katie. Katie, Carolina and AGenia and UDave will be in Florida.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Papa was discharged from the hospital today! He sounded great when I spoke to him on the phone this evening. He had just had his first "real" meal; eggs and grits! Nothing beats MC's cooking unless it's AGenia's cooking! Papa, we are all glad your home and feeling better. Keep praying.

I also spoke with UJohn today. He sounded much better. Today, he went to work for a few hours and he hopes to work about half the day tomorrow. No fever yesterday or today! PTL.
Keep praying for him too.

I have not heard an update on ASu9. If anyone has any news, please post it so we will all know how she is doing. Keep praying.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Basketball and Papa

First - Friday night at West Ashley High School, the Wando Warriors played hard and scored fewer points than the Tigers from West Ashley. There were however a few bright spots. For the JV Boys John T. scored 2 points and had 2 boards. In the Varsity Girls game, Lady Warrior Sarah Kornegay scored on 2 Technical Foul shots. Both swishes.

This week is the last week of the season for the Warriors. On Tuesday night the Warriors host their last home game of the first season in their new gym. They are playing the Gators from Goose Creek, a.k.a. Duck's Ditch. If you want to tailgate please call for availability. Game time for JV Boys is 4:30 EST check your local listings for air time in your area. Varisty Girls will follow the JV Boys.

We all spoke to Papa today. He sounded great. He was having "Sunday Dinner", clear liquids and ice chips. He was almost thrilled - almost, kindof sortof, well, he was glad to be "eating" something. I believe he is well on the way to full recovery. Keep praying.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday AM Papa Report

I spoke with MC this morning and she reports that Papa had a good nights sleep. She also got some rest on the cot in his room. They were able to see the doctor this morning as well. The doctor said the report from the lab work indicated the cancer was found in only 2 out of 7 lymph nodes. The doctor was not alarmed by this finding. He said it would have been much more troubling had the tumor been smaller and cancer in more of the nodes. Because the tumor was fairly large and cancer only showed up in 2 of the nodes, he felt okay about it. They will discuss continued treatment (i.e. radiation and/or chemo therapy) when Papa has recovered from the surgery. He did not think there was any urgency at all related to this finding.

Please keep praying for Papa's healing. Also, pray for UJohn's healing and ASu9's healing.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Very Late Basketball Update

Starting with the good news: Katie's Green Team lost their game last week against The Green Team (the other Green Team). In the effort, Katie had several "boards" and 2 points.

Friday at Wando, The Warriors played Berkeley and came up short. Both, the JV Boys and the Varsity Girls scored fewer points than their respective opponents. Therefore, they lost.

Tuesday night at Wando, The Warriors lost another hard fought game against another opponent. Both the JV Boys and Varsity Girls lost.

Wednesday night Katie's Green Team played at Town Hall and they also scored fewer points than their opponent. Too bad for Katie. It builds character they say....

Tomorrow night The Warriors are on the road at cross-town rival West Ashley High School. Say a prayer while you are praying for Papa!

More when the scores are in.....

Papa's Recovery

I understand from talking with MC that Papa has had a good day today. I think better than yesterday. He was able to get out of bed and rest in the chair in his room. Also, MC was able to limit the number of visitors and well wishers today. Please tell folks as you give them updates on Papa, that it would be best for Papa if they did NOT go by the hospital to visit. Instead, spend the time praying for his speedy recovery and to come see him in PG when he has his clothes on!
Many, many thanks to ASu9 for her help in sitting with Papa these last few days!!

Another prayer request: UJohn has had a high fever and felt terrible since last Friday. Please pray for him to get well. He has been in bed now for a whole week. He went to the doctor today and they told him they thought it might be a virus. I believe they did some blood work and will know more tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Many thanks to all for praying for Papa today. His surgery went well. He was in surgery for about 3 hours. Afterwards the doctor spoke with Mama Chachi and he said he felt good about how things went. He did say the tumor was larger than he had expected and that Papa's insides were more compact than he had thought they would be. All of this made the surgery a little more difficult but not problematic. The doctor felt like he got all of the cancerous tumor and he took some lymph nodes. They will test the lymph nodes for cancer and as long as none is found there would be no need for any radiation or chemo therapy.
Mama Chachi stayed at the hospital tonight with Papa. I think she was relieved to be back by his side. When I left the hospital about 8:30 PM Papa spoke with me and seemed to have a clear mind and awareness of what was going on around him. He was still sleeping mostly and resting. He would wake up for 1-2 minutes and then fall back asleep. He said he was very hungry and very thirsty. The doctors do not want him to have anything on his stomach for some time yet, so pray that his hunger and thirst would not be too bad.
It's after mid-night so I will post again tomorrow.

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